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Tycon International (Pvt) Limited
Trusted Hospital Products and Accessories. Your Health is Our Concern.

About Us

Established in 1999, we are the leading provider of medical supplies and services to the Sri Lanka health sector. We offer diverse range of medical products including medical supplies, hospital supplies, medical consumables, pharmaceuticals and medical furniture.

We place great emphasis on our product range and customer service. We put customer first and always searching for new ways to do things better. Thanks to our quality strategy our business is highly successful with an impressive growth rate.  

We offer an incredible range of international branded medical supplies as we want our customers to get the best. We promise to provide you with an outstanding product range.
Our manufacturing plant is mainly manufacturing hospital equipments such as beds, trolleys, spot Lights, IV stands and etc.

We import top branded products such as surgical devices, medical equipments and pharmaceuticals.

We are covering major medical fields such as Medical Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Furniture, Rehabilitation Aids and etc.

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